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Our personal assistance services derive from Sweden back in the 90's. We have been guarding, finding and returning your valuables for over 20 years. Now we — RADAR — are renewed, comprehensive and confident that everyone needs to be protected!

In the modern world, there should be no crime, theft, and fraud. Only calmness and trust. Only proven services you can rely on to move on with confidence.
Our mission is your safety!
Our goal is to be a leader in the market of assistance services. To be your mascot and help you enjoy life!
RADAR is a service which returns everything. Or we give your money back.

Operational headquarters in 5 countries
15+ million customers worldwide
11 years on the Belarusian market

Do you wanna be safe?
1. 1. Choose the appropriate service and stop worrying   we are in touch 24/7/365
2. 2. Keep track of your things constantly
3. 3. Block devices by yourself or through our call center anytime when needed
4. And calm down! We take care of you and guard your safety


The numbers we are proud of


More than

15 mln

of clients around the world

15 056 005

More than

11 years

on belarusian market


More than

14 mln

objects under protection

14 502 259

More than

250 thousands

of active clients in Belarus

252 092

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